Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

menjadi lebih dewasa itu sulit. ya that's not easy. that's not a things which can we say easily but we must prove it in daily life. PROVE IT. ya in fact I don't do it well yet. karena keadaan atau alasan lainnya, semua memaksakan gue untuk lebih dewasa. banyak masalah masalah yang bisa gue atasi dengan kepala dingin. My emotion tested in here. but I can't handle my emotion in some situation. And many of my friends become a victim because of my attitude. so that's why I must learn to control my emotion.
yeah! finally I'm a Senior High school student now :) udah lama ga bikin posting. Ya, SMA Negeri 2 Cirebon, that's my school now. The best school in my town. but I miss my previous school. Yeah, What can I do? Now I must study in senior high school. I can't do anything. and now, when I become a senior high school student, I'm too busy and just for make a posting I don't have enough time. but now I can make a posting again because now is holiday. Yeah! Holiday. Freak and flat holiday. There's nothing special happen until now. I hope there's something happen or maybe good news for me.